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Save €64 now: Instead of €204.00 now just €140 — only €0.70 per microfibre cloth!


Sale: 200 x QUICK&BRIGHT microfibre cloth, yellow, with Christ sew-in tag, 40 x 40 cm

+ For exterior and interior care of all vehicles

+ Stretch fabric

+ Special weave for more flexibility and manoeuvrability

+ Ultra-soft surface

+ Perfect giveaway for washing promotions or sales item for your shop


The special weave of the microfibre cloth gives it stretch, which makes it particularly flexible and significantly more manoeuvrable than similar cloths. The soft surface of the cloth feels pleasant, making it enjoyable and easy to handle. A multitude of minuscule microfibres pick up dust, dirt and water with ease. The light pastel dyes leave only the smallest particles in the cloth and so create more space for picking up dirt. This has a positive effect on the cleaning performance of this cloth.


Washing instructions: 60°C–95°C. Do not use fabric softener!

Colour: Yellow

Weight: 260 g/m²

Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm

Material: 80% polyester microfibre + 20% polyamide microfibre 


Sale: 200 x QUICK&BRIGHT microfibre cloth, yellow


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