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Quick&Bright WHEEL CLEANER, Rim detergent gel, 750 ml

Powerful product for quick and effective rim cleaning and rust film removal. The powerful rim detergent ensures radiant wheels on your vehicle. The mild ingredients make the product suitable for any surface and gently remove stubborn dirt. 

Self-cleaning formula

This innovative agent cleans almost automatically and is immediately visible! The rim detergent effortlessly removes everyday and stubborn dirt.

Gentle cleaning

By eliminating acidic and aggressive ingredients, neither the rim surface nor the wheel bolts are damaged and corrosion on aluminium is prevented! Thanks to the additional elimination of unnecessary dyes, the detergent is even more material-friendly and will not leave any discolouration.

Easy to use

Flush loose brake dust and dirt in advance with a strong jet of water. Spray the rims with the detergent and give it a short time to work. Help the cleaning process with a sponge or soft brush.

Wash the sponge/brush with water from time to time. Finally, rinse the rims and wheels with clean water.

Application areas

Suitable for the following materials:




Light metal



Reliably removes:

Brake dust

Brake pad abrasion



Rubber residues

Road dirt



Quick&Bright WHEEL CLEANER, Rim detergent gel, 750 ml

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